Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions by our customers

To place an order, please contact us using the phone number provided on the website or by e-mail.


Files can be sent by any method, e.g.

  • Attached via email
  • To Google Drive
  • Direct to server

The issue of settlements is handled by the Useme sp.z o.o. with headquarters in Wrocław. This allows you to secure the project for both parties. Thanks to this, it is possible to easily settle income taxes such as PIT and VAT.


Yes, if you are dissatisfied with the completed project, you have the right to make corrections and in the event of further errors to withdraw from the project.

The CMS system allows website administration without the need for programming knowledge. In addition, you can keep statistics of the site and in the event of problems allows for full site management.

Of course, after submitting the project you receive full support, documentation and training on how to use the site.

Each project is individual, however, the average period of implementation oscillates between 7 and 14 calendar days. The whole process can only be prolonged due to the lack of client cooperation.

Pricing and customer audit is free.

You can negotiate the price, however, until you pay the Proforma invoice.

Yes, the site will appear in search engines after it is indexed. However, please note that the indexing process takes several days and is not dependent on us.

Personally, we think that non-profit institutions should be helped and supported. We follow the principle that good always comes back.


The servers of individual hosting companies are located in many countries, e.g.

  • OVH – France
  • – Poland
  • Amazon – Most areas of the world

At the client’s request, we can split the down payment and the rest. In this case, the down payment is paid after the initial draft has been submitted.


We are members of the Google campus and often take part and perform at industry events such as Google Developers Groups and DevFest. We recently performed at DevFest Warsaw & Radzymin 2019 presenting Flutter technologies.

We make backup copies of all websites we have worked on. In case of problems, you can access them after sending us a question via e-mail or phone.

All copies are kept on secured Amazon servers in the S3 service. In the event of a failure, they allow you to recover the site in less than 30 minutes. | Agencja Kreatywna | Zdobądź klienta już dziś

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